Monday, October 24, 2016

World Series Quora

?What is your favorite fabric to wear?
 Cashmere, although a nice soft wool/cotton blend is good too.

Who woke you up this morning?

Last time you had to turn off the announcers and turn on the radio for a sports event?
I can't stand listening to Phil Whosit who does CBS football games.

Last fast food item you ate?
Gosh I don't know!

Last item you had knit regrets about?
I have a lot of scarves that  I forget to wear, but no regrets really.

Last time  a family member said to you,
"When are  you going to finish that thing?"
Not me, but this happened to Tim--a neighbor saw him working on his boat and asked what he did with all the others. There are no others. :-)

Are you still working on a New years Resolution?
I don't think so!
Last great amatuer photo you saw?
I don't notice things like that, but that makes me feel bad so I"m going to start noticing.
Do you feed the birds?
If I remember. Which means no.

Do you know someone who is an organ donor recipient or donor?
I'm a donor but I haven't had to donate yet. :-)


kathy b said...

Thanks for playing AGAIN Kim!!! NPR, what a great way to wake up!!! BOat story, very funny

kathy b said...

So glad the books arrived safely. HOpe the DUnkin treat card made it too! ENJOY

Kim in Oregon said...

Yes the Dunkin card too, thanks and sorry I forgot to mention that!