Tuesday, November 29, 2016

And that's 12

Between football and football and football, I got the knitting done on the drummer drumming. I like the red accent, and I think I'll try to add some other colored accents into the other ones.

For whatever reason, the '12' photo doesn't want to load.

So tomorrow starts the last grading push, with the goal of having everything done by a week from Friday. We'll see how that goes.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday after Quora

It is quiet here, it was quiet on the roads, I guess everyone is still in a turkey coma!

So let's Quora, shall we? Here is what Kathy wants to know:

Have you copied a good idea lately? 
Oh I'm sure I have. I never have good decorating ideas so happily steal other people's. Last Christmas I stole the idea of taking small mason jars, filling them with water and holly berries, floating a votive candle in it, and lighting the candle for the Christmas table. Love that.
Have you seen a shooting star? 
Yes--we have gotten up in the middle of the night to see them.
Have you found a lost yarn tag?
Oh I wish!
Have you tried a new recipe recently? 
Well, if 'you' counts as me helping Tim, then yes, we tried the Schichttorte for Thanksgiving.  The glaze was yummy, the cake itself was dry. Then we googled it and every one who makes it talks about how dry it is. So live and learn.
Did you save the wishbone from the turkey and have a pull?
We didn't have turkey, but when we do I definitely do this!
How many knit gifts do you plan to give before the New year?
Um, none? Maybe? I'm doing a yarn gift for Tim but not a knitting gift (I think). (I may change my mind).
When are you most hungry? 
Probably around 4pm.
Do you like highway driving?
Sometimes. If the weather is nice I do. I don't like driving on the highway in the dark, in the rain, in the snow, or in traffic.
If someone could finish a knit in progress for you what would it be? 
Could they weave in ends in my Kathy inspired sweater? Because it is just sitting there waiting to be finished.
Do you love your winter boots or shoes ? 
I'm probably not a good source since we don't really have snow here. I do have a pair I love (not sure of brand) and I do love Uggs. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sad 11

I ran out of the yarn that I used for the first ten mittens, and so the last two will be done in a yarn that isn't quite as sturdy. It kind of creates a sad little mitten:

It is a piper piping! I got most of it done on Thanksgiving day, and now will work on day 12 today and tomorrow. Then I have to weave in ends, do a good blocking, and figure out how to put these all together and where to hang them.

Yesterday Tim did quite a bit of prep for his comprehensive exams, and we got a longish and a shortish dog walk in. Last night we watched Henry VI part 1, part of the new Hollow Crown. I finished the book "Vinegar Girl" which is part of a series where contemporary authors write their takes on Shakespeare. So it was kind of a Shakespeare day yesterday.

Friday, November 25, 2016

TG Recap

We had a lovely day filled with cooking (Tim) and knitting (me). Thanksgiving is at a challenging time in the term when we both need a bit of a breather, and we spent the day not working (yay us) and doing things we love to do.

My two contributions to the day were buying all the stuff Tim needed to make dinner, and setting the table.

The table runner was a gift from my friend Joonghwa from several years ago (it is a beautiful silk tablerunner from Korea) and the flowers arrived Wednesday from Joonghwa and his wife Soojung (a lovely couple). The china is my mom's wedding china.

Tim made tacos al carbon with beef in adobo sauce (far right), a bunch of vegetables, rice (I made that) and yummy beans. In the basket with the red tablecloth are corn tortillas heated over an open flame (I did the heating). And he also made an incredible tuna ceviche, which is in the bowl to the right of the plate.

And for dessert--a schichttorte. If you watch "The Great British Baking Show", this is the dessert that the two hosts cracked up over when they tried to pronounce it. It is a 20-layer cake where each very thin layer is cooked under a grill, and then another layer is added. It is finished with chocolate glaze (and vanilla glaze, too, if you want even more of a sugar bomb).

Tim spent several hours creating this masterpiece!

I spent most of the day knitting to the National Dog Show and football, jumping up when needed to assist Tim.

We have slept a lot and that is always a sign that we need to get some sleep. Andthe weekend hasn't really even officially started!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ten on TGE

It is a ten on its side! And a lord a leaping sideways!

This went pretty fast. Only two days left!