Sunday, November 06, 2016


Can I just say? I hate colorwork. I've never liked colorwork. I keep trying colorwork thinking I'll get better. I don't get better. Colorwork is not my friend.

Here's half of mitten 8:

 This is the top of the 8.
This is her head and her pails.

So only four more to go (well four and a half, since the poor Maid still needs her bottom half) and I guess I'll persevere but this is it. No. More. Colorwork.

Until of course I do it again.

I LOVE cables. I like lace, and have gotten much better at lace. I like being challenged. YUNO like me colorwork?

I"m reading a good book called "The Prize" about artists and gallerists. So that's good. I've started and stopped two books: "Heroes of the Frontier" and "Another Brooklyn" because they didn't grab me (and they were library books so tossing them aside (metaphorically) is fine).


kayT said...

Have you tried footwork on something bigger than a mitten? I like color work on sweaters but using tiny needles in a tiny circle would make me NUTS.

kayT said...

why did color work turn into footwork???

KSD said...

We most definitely share the anti-colorwork gene. I've never even tried it much.

You got all of the cable gene. I'll give cable a whirl occasionally, but not with your virtuosity.