Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Sunday, as I mentioned, was Tim's birthday. One of his gifts was:


These are two --- paintings? lithographs?--I don't really know---of turtles. I bought them at a shop connected to a restaurant in Hawi on the Big Island, and then I took them to be framed here in Eugene. The mat is kind of a woven mat and the wood looks a bit like Koa wood. It is beautiful and Tim likes it, and it is now hanging in our cozy room!

Dinner was lovely--it is a 45 minute drive through what I call the "Hansel and Gretl" woods to get to the winery, where we had a quiet and delicious dinner. We even had leftovers for dinner last night!


Bridget said...

Sounds perfect!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Beauty surrounds you. What a lovely gift for a birthday!

kathy b said...

Zach loves tortoise. That's just beautiful KIM!