Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday after Quora

It is quiet here, it was quiet on the roads, I guess everyone is still in a turkey coma!

So let's Quora, shall we? Here is what Kathy wants to know:

Have you copied a good idea lately? 
Oh I'm sure I have. I never have good decorating ideas so happily steal other people's. Last Christmas I stole the idea of taking small mason jars, filling them with water and holly berries, floating a votive candle in it, and lighting the candle for the Christmas table. Love that.
Have you seen a shooting star? 
Yes--we have gotten up in the middle of the night to see them.
Have you found a lost yarn tag?
Oh I wish!
Have you tried a new recipe recently? 
Well, if 'you' counts as me helping Tim, then yes, we tried the Schichttorte for Thanksgiving.  The glaze was yummy, the cake itself was dry. Then we googled it and every one who makes it talks about how dry it is. So live and learn.
Did you save the wishbone from the turkey and have a pull?
We didn't have turkey, but when we do I definitely do this!
How many knit gifts do you plan to give before the New year?
Um, none? Maybe? I'm doing a yarn gift for Tim but not a knitting gift (I think). (I may change my mind).
When are you most hungry? 
Probably around 4pm.
Do you like highway driving?
Sometimes. If the weather is nice I do. I don't like driving on the highway in the dark, in the rain, in the snow, or in traffic.
If someone could finish a knit in progress for you what would it be? 
Could they weave in ends in my Kathy inspired sweater? Because it is just sitting there waiting to be finished.
Do you love your winter boots or shoes ? 
I'm probably not a good source since we don't really have snow here. I do have a pair I love (not sure of brand) and I do love Uggs. 

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kathy b said...

Haha BUT that Kathy sweater is so gorgeous KIM!!! Thanks for ALWAYS playing. That was quora number 47