Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Quora

*Have you ever petted an angora bunny?  Yes, long ago an arts fair in Asheville, NC.
*Do you have any novelty yarn in your stash?  I actually don't hate novelty  yarn--I have some sparkly silver yarn that I plan to use for reindeer ornaments! So yes. 
*  Is there something  you simply can’t give on with your food life? Chocolate, for usre.
*Do you swim during the winter months? I am not a swimmer, mostly because I don't think there are a lot of places to go swimming around here. But I am thinking about starting up again.
*What are you having for dinner tonight? ( I made slow cooker stew last night and so we're having leftovers tonight.
*The weather has been such a gift this November. It is sunny and 50s and that is just unheard of now.   Friends are putting up their Christmas decor.  are you?  Nope! Not until after Thanksgiving at our house!
*Are you a Black Friday Cyber Monday shopper?  Nope, I'm actually one of those people who wants shopping all done now.
*Did you cast on this weekend?  (I did, actually, for a pair of mitts!!
*Did you see the Supermoon yet? (It was raining last night but I hope it clears up for tonight.
*Would you like to recommend a movie?We rewatched "This is Spinal Tap" for about the gazillionth time last night.


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kathy b said...

Ive never seen Spinal tap . !!!! im adding to my Must list! thanks for playing KIm