Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sad 11

I ran out of the yarn that I used for the first ten mittens, and so the last two will be done in a yarn that isn't quite as sturdy. It kind of creates a sad little mitten:

It is a piper piping! I got most of it done on Thanksgiving day, and now will work on day 12 today and tomorrow. Then I have to weave in ends, do a good blocking, and figure out how to put these all together and where to hang them.

Yesterday Tim did quite a bit of prep for his comprehensive exams, and we got a longish and a shortish dog walk in. Last night we watched Henry VI part 1, part of the new Hollow Crown. I finished the book "Vinegar Girl" which is part of a series where contemporary authors write their takes on Shakespeare. So it was kind of a Shakespeare day yesterday.

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kathy b said...

Oh where to hang them!!!!! Someone visible . And i want a photo of them all!!! in all their glory.