Friday, November 25, 2016

TG Recap

We had a lovely day filled with cooking (Tim) and knitting (me). Thanksgiving is at a challenging time in the term when we both need a bit of a breather, and we spent the day not working (yay us) and doing things we love to do.

My two contributions to the day were buying all the stuff Tim needed to make dinner, and setting the table.

The table runner was a gift from my friend Joonghwa from several years ago (it is a beautiful silk tablerunner from Korea) and the flowers arrived Wednesday from Joonghwa and his wife Soojung (a lovely couple). The china is my mom's wedding china.

Tim made tacos al carbon with beef in adobo sauce (far right), a bunch of vegetables, rice (I made that) and yummy beans. In the basket with the red tablecloth are corn tortillas heated over an open flame (I did the heating). And he also made an incredible tuna ceviche, which is in the bowl to the right of the plate.

And for dessert--a schichttorte. If you watch "The Great British Baking Show", this is the dessert that the two hosts cracked up over when they tried to pronounce it. It is a 20-layer cake where each very thin layer is cooked under a grill, and then another layer is added. It is finished with chocolate glaze (and vanilla glaze, too, if you want even more of a sugar bomb).

Tim spent several hours creating this masterpiece!

I spent most of the day knitting to the National Dog Show and football, jumping up when needed to assist Tim.

We have slept a lot and that is always a sign that we need to get some sleep. Andthe weekend hasn't really even officially started!

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