Monday, November 07, 2016

The "Where is Kathy" Quora!

I've been checking Feedly for my Monday Q and A and have been disappointed when it wasn't there. I just looked at Rav and there was a message from Kathy. She has a new blog called . Go visit here there!

*Pick one: angora, mohair or alpaca.
Alpaca of course! 
*Hot air balloons flew over the house yesterday.  Could you ride in one?
I probably could. I get afraid of heights but I've done OK in a helicopter and this seems a bit gentler?
*What are the odds that both Kathy's children, One in Oklahoma City and one in Chiapas Mexico would experience earthquakes on the same day?
I knew about the one in OK but not in Chiapas. Glad to hear that both of Kathy's kids are fine.
*We had our Animal Shelter Gala fundraiser Saturday.  I had a mild panic that afternoon for no good reason.  I had to email one of our blog heroes for support. Who was it?
I don't know but I will check Kathy's new blog to find out!
*Do you take a probiotic, vitamin or fish oil daily?
I take omega 3 (fish oil) and a garlic tablet daily.
*I’m knitting fingerless gloves right now.  They always get lots of use in the winter.  I bet you wear them even if you live in the South cause the a/c can make your fingers cold!   Do you wear them?
I love them! That's all I wear!
*The Grove historic site in Glenview has a wonderful Holiday craft fair.  Time to find a new one in my new neighborhood.  Do you go to a craft fair?
Usually I get to one or two.
*Final question today:  Its almost 70 out and that’s unheard of here in Wisconsin and the Chicago area too for that matter in November.  Will this late warmth make winter go by more quickly?
Nope. Winter is coming!

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