Thursday, November 10, 2016

Woah Nellie

Yesterday was tough, tough, tough. I didn't get much sleep Tuesday night, and my 10am class was filled with passionate, feminist Hillary supporters. I was welling up walking into class, and as I saw the faces of the students I lost it. Then they lost it. Then we took deep breaths and we lost it again. They we took more deep breaths and the students started telling me things that other students had said to them late on Tuesday night and we all lost it again (these things were horrible things said to students who are students of color and/or LGBTQ). Yes, even on a very liberal campus in a blue state, horrible things are said.

We talked about how important it was to support each other, to not let words harm one another, and to figure out what we can individually contribute to make the world better. We left the class in a better place (without even talking about the reading, but that's OK).

And what is my contribution? Election night it was this:

Horrible picture of another hat for my friend Ann's hats for veterans project.

Today I had some paca therapy and visited Tink and Atom and the rest of the gang. They've fluffed out a lot as their fleeces get them ready for winter. I had a good catch up with Ann as we shared our different perspectives on the election respectfully and with an open heart. I'm reminded how lucky we are to live in a democracy, as well as the importance of listening to others and not living in a filter bubble.

Today was a day without crying and that's a good day.

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kathy b said...

What a wonderful cathartic post. Big hugs. Yes we livein a Democracy . We need to keep encouraging one another evenmore than usual......your students are so lucky to have you