Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Colorful Post

I just noticed that Blogger changed some of their fonts. When did that happen?

So it has been a somewhat busy break--we're both feeling a bit off our schedules (the dogs too, but they are good at adapting). I don't go back til the 9th, which is good because I've done minimal prep for the class. I also was appointed as a deputy editor for a journal and that work just started this week, so there is a bit of a learning curve there. So this should be a busy term even though I only have one class. I'm glad I have a bit of time to get my act together. The ice storm followed by no internet followed by Christmas kind of threw me for a loop.

We had a lovely dinner on Christmas Eve and then opened presents Christmas day. I then had some weird stomach bug that lasted about 24 hours. On Boxing day we went to our friends' Steve and Jen's house for brunch, and then that evening we went to the alpaca farm for a gathering. Tim worked on Tuesday in Corvallis--yesterday he worked at home and we did some errands that were not satisfying (we had two things to buy, neither place we went had the things we wanted). He is off work Friday-Monday---we're not big NYE people. We are taking two of my PhD students out to breakfast with their families tomorrow.

Two Christmas gifts should be noted. First, a Sodastream. This is a magical tool! I love fizzy water and now I have non stop fizzy water at my house. La Croix value will decrease.

And this.
A potholder loom! I made my first potholder (which we always need) and am excited to make another one.

The brioche scarf is done, too. It is really heavy.
How are you?

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kathy b said...

Oh that potholder loom!!! Love your potholder. Zach showed us a photo he took of a woman weaving in Mexico . SUch an old craft. Im ok. Much much better today . Only shed a few tears. It is gray out with a soft little snow going on. Fezzik is sharing the electric couch blanket with me currently. I plan to shawl knit the rest of today! We do a very quiet NYE and NY day. Just delighted to be OFF for that holiday too