Thursday, December 08, 2016

A Wee bit brain dead

Today: woke up to a bit of an ice storm but drove in anyway (it was fine), graded, had three hours of skype interviews for a new professor position, followed immediately by a two hour meeting where lunch was supposed to be served but the date got mixed up and no lunch, followed by more grading, but



Not quite a Christmas miracle.

These socks are slowly coming along:

The tree is trimmed:

Our favorite ornament is in its place:

It is a silver reindeer.

And all I have left is one presentation to sit through tomorrow and MAYBE a student meeting but maybe not, and I'm done.


kathy b said...

Im ready for you to be done! hahahah. I love when folks feel free and ready to enjoy a break and all the festivities .

KSD said...

Basking in the glory of Finished Grades vicariously. I do miss that sensation.