Saturday, December 24, 2016


This is one of my favorite days--and one of my Twinnie's favorite days too (HI TWINNIE) when the world just goes quiet at sundown and we allow ourselves to embrace the magic of Christmas.

We have been busy getting ready, and have made FOUR types of cookies plus toffee--that is what happens when you don't have cable or Internet. We will share with neighbors and have three gatherings to go to in the next few days (and there may be some additional ones that are re-scheduled from the ice storm). Today is for hanging out and cooking--I make a stuffed tenderloin for dinner and we'll also have creamed spinach and layered potatoes (both first time recipes, keep your fingers crossed). Tim made chocolate peau de creme (sp?) for dessert. We'll watch a Christmas movie and open one gift. Tomorrow we'll have presents, phone calls, and then we're going to Corvallis for dinner with friends. Monday we have a traditional boxing day brunch with friends and then that evening is an open house at the farm. So we have lots of places to share out cookies.

This sweater is going well:

I've started the bind off for the raglan sleeves and so that's good.

I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas!


kathy b said...

Sounds like lots of fun Kim!! Cookies and Tim's dessert . mmmmmmm. We are tucked in. We went snowshoeing this morning , Al , Fireman and I . Felt good to move a bit! We' ve had family visit while the kids are in. We do our crazy gifts all on Christmas morning. Then brunch. We will have beef for dinner with sides and then, perhaps a family hot tub if it is clear out.

KSD said...