Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ice gone, Internet still MIA

I'm writing this blog post today using the personal hotspot on my cell phone. I'm sure we'll be knocking at the data ceiling this month but we'll have a nice credit on our Comcast bill.

So some lessons on not having cable or (instant) Internet:

  1. Things that I used to think were important and must be done now--aren't. It has been too easy to just stop everything and jump on the internet to solve a problem. Now I just wait. Or realize i it isn't really a problem.
  2. Things that I probably would have put off (or ignored or just not done) in order to pfaff around on the Internet  got done early. Good for me.
  3. Thigns that before might have upset me (e.g. a bad review for a paper)--now I have time to think about them and I can deal with them fine,
  4. Books. Books are awesome. 
What hasn't been happening--for whatever reason--is a lot of knitting. But this got done last week:

Look around the door frame.

 It is the  mitten garland!

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kathy b said...

I didn't realize you were making mitten garland. Im sooooooo happy you finished them. They are so beautiful. What a Christmas labor of love. You'll always have them Kim. They are wonderful