Monday, December 26, 2016

Last Quora of 2016

Kudos to Kathy (and this week also to her daughter) for all the QUORAing this year!

Christmas day was very quiet--I had some little tummy bug but feel  much better now. We missed our dinner with friends but do the things we planned to do.

  •  Name your best FO of 2016: it has to be "Kathy's sweater"--
  • Ask someone in your family to name something you’ve knit for them--I asked Tim and he said 'socks and hats'
  • Did you get any yarn gifts this holiday?-sort of? I got Norah Gaughan's book about cables.
  • Did your pets get any gifts?-the dogs received very large rawhides that we had to take away after they chewed on them for half an hour (probably was a bit too much rawhide there!). So they'll get rawhides for New Year's too. The cats--no, but they don't expect a lot.
  • What is a great tip  or idea you got this year?-that's a good question.
  • How did you surprise yourself in 2016?I agreed on Friday to try scuba diving! I told Tim's scuba teacher I would do a pool session if she went kayaking with us. I'm claustrophobic so I don't think scuba will 'take' but I'll give it a try.
  • Name a favorite book you read in 2016. "Barkskins" and "The Ecliptic"
  • What is The latest you stayed up in 2016?-well 2016 isn't over yet so we'll stay up to Midnight then.
  • Name a play, show  or concert you went to in 2016.We loved Book of Mormon and we also enjoyed all the symphony concerts we went to.
  • Name a new drink, dish or dessert you found in 2016.-Tim gave me a Sodastream for Christmas so making all kinds of good water (how boring is that?)!

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kathy b said...

We LOVE our soda stream for making plain fizzy water. Thanks for all the participation in Q and Quora this year Kim. Its no fun until someone like you plays along. Ohhhh cable book counts!