Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Project

I needed a project that was a bit of a thinking project but not another cabled sweater. I had ten balls of Zara in the stash for a long time, in kind of an awkward color--Duck Egg. I saw the Limerick Henley in the new IK and even though it is a guy's sweater, I thought the patterning and the color of the yarn would make it a nice sweater for me. And.

It appears to be working. The color is a bit greener than this but it looks good. This yarn is a dream--truly one of the nicest yarns I've knit with.

Tim is out of town, and I'm on break, but I feel like I've been go go go! I had a few holiday errands to run yesterday, plus had a bit of intestinal discomfort (bad food). Today I need to pop in to the office for a meeting.

Before Tim left, we watched the last Hollow Crown--Richard III. Benedict Cumberbatch was the title character and he, my friends, has some Shakespeare chops. Of the three (Henry VI pt 1, Henry VI pt 2 and Richard III), this one was the least violent but the most evil. These are airing on PBS stations as 'Great Performances' and you should watch them (at least Richard III.  You don't need to see the Henrys to watch it, but here is a way to catch you up: War of the Roses. House of Lancaster versus House of York. Who has claim to the throne? Everybody, apparently. So let's smote a bunch of people and see who wins.

Richard the III has some great lines. "Now is the winter of our discontent." "My kingdom for a horse" (which is an incredibly heartbreaking line in this play), "off with his head" (Did Shakespeare coin that?). And little Princes in the tower---heartbreaking. This is really just one heartbreaking play.

If you watched "The White Queen" on Starz, you'll know the story and will be able to follow just fine.If you haven't, here's the key: Richard III is One Bad Dude.

Other than that, I've been rereading the "All Souls" trilogy which is wonderful cozy winter reading.

I need to do some work, but I also obviously need some down time.


kathy b said...

Enjoy that knit time! !! Down time and knit time are so good for the soul

KSD said...

I've always been partial to "Richard II" myself.