Sunday, December 04, 2016

Pairfect pair

I love knitting socks for Tim, and I love knitting with all wool, but all wool socks often aren't the best thing for Tim---sometimes they don't stay up well, or they wear out quickly, or some other reason. So I looked around and I'm trying socks made out of a yarn called Pairfect by Regia.

The basic idea is that you have one ball that has 'leader' yarn in the middle (and at the start and end) so you know *exactly* where to start in order to have a perfectly matched pair of socks (pairfect--yes?). I got the yarn at Webs (here's the link) and this I think, is the 'orient' colorway. I also have two other balls because I think these will be good for Tim (they're 25% polyamide, or basically nylon).

For Tim's birthday in November, I gave him a laser light thing for the front yard. It is very cool and we bought a few more. We put them up yesterday, and realized we could shine them up in the trees and they look reall cool. I'll take some pictures and put them up for you to see.

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kathy b said...

I might have to get Fireman that laser thing. More info please!