Saturday, December 10, 2016

Silver Bells

We started a tradition the first year we were married to get a commemorative silver sleigh bell every Christmas. My mom gave them to us for a bunch of years and then she stopped getting the catalogue so we've been getting them ourselves for the past five years or so. The grand total this year is 23 (just counted on my fingers). This is the first year I've remembered to order this year's bell before Christmas though.

For a while they hung from our light fixture in the dining room, then we got too many and now they hang in our cozy room. Every year when we put them away I think "I ought to polish some of them"---the ones from the 1990s are pretty tarnished. Well, today I got them all out, polished them all up, and now they're waiting to be hung.

It was a bit of work but they are all so nice and bright and shiny!


KSD said...

You have 23 fingers?!?

Kim in Oregon said...

Actually 22, Twinnie, don't you?