Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Solstice--the coming of the light (and cable)

Just a mere week after the ice storm, our cable and Internet are back as of the middle of the night last night. Until this week, we've never really had a whole lot of issues with Comcast, but this week has made up for our previous 15 years of Comcast friendliness. Basically, it was the misinformation--estimated repair times changing every eight hours, no real explanations as to what the delay was, customer service reps whose only power is to set up a text alert so you'll know when the service is back (and I'm still waiting for the text--eight hours after it has been back on).  Sadly we have no alternatives except cord cutting, and then we'd still rely on Comcast for Internet (although there are other services, but cord cutting kind of scares me). So yeah. All is calm, all is bright.

A few knitting pictures: first the sweater:

 Then the Trinket mitts which I finished a while ago but haven't woven ends in on yet:

And Tim's socks.

Sorry for the head tilting.

I'm going to dash out to the alpaca farm this morning and take over our downed fir branches--we have several big branches from the Diadores and a neighbor's juniper bush. The pacas apparently like evergreens! So they'll get a nice Christmas treat. And my car will smell good too.

I made two batches of cookies yesterday and probably will make toffee tonight.

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kathy b said...

Your cabled mitts look awesome. Al taught me to knit in my ends yesterday. WHAT A GIFT!!!! Hi to the alpacas.