Monday, December 19, 2016

Thawing out and Monday Quora!

Hello from the melting state of Oregon! The temps haven't gotten above 32 til today, so the ice stuck around. Luckily, the streets have been dry, Tim got back from SF only an hour late, and life continues. We still don't have Internet or Cable, but I allow myself a few moments using our cell phone hotspot to do some work and to check up on the knitting world! There's knitting going on too so I'll share that in the next post, including THE MITTEN GARLAND!

Kathy asks:
  • Have you ever been stuck in an airport?  For how long? Where?: Never overnight or anything like that. I've been pretty lucky, although I've landed in some whopper snow storms in both Boston and Chicago.
  • Have you eaten any holiday goodies yet? Tim and I were out yesterday and had our traditional 'holiday coffee'--Eggnog latte for him and peppermint mocha for me. Unfortunately because of the weather several parties were cancelled last week.
  • If you made pairs of socks with all the stash you have for socks, how many new pair would you create? Oh man, maybe 50?
  • What is the best yarn store you have ever been to? Hmmm. That's a good question. I haven't been to a BAD yarn store, and not sure what would be the best--but I'll just say the Farm Storm at Aragon Alpacas!
  • Have you seen anyone wear a Santa hat this Holiday season ? Yes, so many I don't notice them any  more!
  • Have you played a fun game and you want to share it? WE mostly play banangrams.
  • Peppermint or gingerbread? Coffee: peppermint. Tea: peppermint. Cookie: ginger.
  • Have you cancelled a subscription lately?  How did the company respond? No but we're close to wanting to cut off Comcast.
  • What should I bring to a 90 year olds birthday celebration? A photograph?
    (they said no gifts, but I just have to)
  • Tell us a favorite Holiday gift you recall from your childhood please. One year I got a guitar and a carom board (I think that is how you spell it). That was awesome.

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kathy b said...

I think I have to agree Kim. Never met a yarn store I didnt like!! Thankyou for always!!! playing q and a. NExt monday will be a full 52 weeks of questions for 2016. Phew. Im going to dream up something new for 2017. I have had so much fun reading all the answers each week.