Wednesday, December 14, 2016


We're having weather today--ok I know we have weather every day but usually our weather is fog (November and March), rain (December-June) and sunny (July-September). Today we're having a mix of snow-sleet-rain and ice! I have no place to be, a refrigerator filled with food, plenty of stuff for the pets, a lot of knitting and books, and electricity, so I'm fine. Even if I lose the electricity (which probably won't happen) I have the fireplace and books and candles. So yay weather!

The only thing which would make it perfect would be if Tim was here, but he's in SF and enjoying lovely 50 and 60 degree weather, and I'm glad he's not coming back til Friday when this should all be over with.

My goal today is to finish off my 12 Days of Christmas swag and read and knit (and maybe work, but really don't feel like it). Last night I cast on for a new scarf using a new stitch--Brioche.

The yarn is a thick-think yarn that doesn't make the brioche stitches pop that much, but it looks fun. The yarn is Rowan Biggy Print and is very fun and colorful. I'm using the Sookie Scarf pattern for the scarf (which was written for size 15 needles--I'm using size 36).

I also want to make the Manning Park Hat because it is so cute and snowy looking.

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kathy b said...

Hunker down and knit away! Tis too cold to go out today> Im sending Fireman for the mail I did clean the house top to bottom though. SO NOW its time to knit by the tree! Wheeee