Sunday, January 15, 2017

A sleeve

Not too exciting, eh? But, I must get the sleeves finished so I can finish the sweater so I can move on to other sweaters.  So one must suck it up and make sleeves, even if they are dull dull dull.

Today is Sunday--yesterday went by quickly although not much was going on. I've been reading "In This House of Brede" by Rumer Godden--recently re-released (apparently). It is about nuns in England, mostly in the middle of the 20th century. I guess Godden wrote a book called "Black Narcissus" about nuns in the Himalayas and she got a bit of push back about not knowing a lot about nuns. So this book was her response.

That story may be apocryphal, but that's what I've read.

I just looked at Wikipedia and there's a TV film of "In this House of Brede" starring Mrs. Peel (aka Diana Rigg). That might be worth watching.

We went to a new restaurant for dinner last night (new for us) with our friends Steve and Jen--Tacovore. They have lots of different types of tacos--I had one with chicken and mole and one al carbon. And chips and guac. And a nice big margarita.

I have tomorrow off (MLK day) and will have half a writing day and half a reading day. We have so many people coming out for job visits I have to make sure I give myself time for writing as this is my official 'writing term' and if I don't keep up I'll big in kind of big trouble with my book project.

Not to put any stress on myself or anything.

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kathy b said...

The house of Brede sounds fascinating.! Must check into it Kim. At least you have easy peasy sleeves while you get your writing done!