Monday, January 09, 2017

First day fail

Today is supposed to be the first day of winter term, but the lingering effects of the winter storm from Saturday caused the UO to cancel classes (but not close the school). We did a bit of shoveling last evening and now the driveway is an ice rink, but it isn't below freezing and should melt a bit later today.

I sent instructions out to my class to read the syllabus and several other things and will just jump in with both feet on Wednesday.

And now in a not-regularly-scheduled Quora, Kathy asks:

How do you Hygge?

I make the bed every morning (we used to just throw things higgledy piggledy but now I try to make the bedclothes nice and tight), we heat up hot things for our feet, and I decluttered my jewelry drawer yesterday.
Have you ever tried to feed the birds by hand?

Yes, at the Cathedral in Milan. The pigeons there are just waiting for you to buy grain from some guy with a cell phone who will take your picture for you. Avoid this guy at all costs. 

Pets, can be….well messy.  What’s your best cleaning advice?

Abandon hope? We do have a cordless bagless vacuum that does better on fur than most other ones, but still not great. 

Have you emailed a famous person?

I don't think I've emailed but I've tagged famous people in tweets and they've responded--most recently, Lyle Lovett. 

Are you making a Hat for the PussyHat project?

Did you have to check up on a gift knit to see if got there?
No, because it got to the recipient (Tim!).
Would you even think of 17 pairs of socks in 2017?

Sure. I am not sure what I'd do with them all.
Did you watch the Golden Globes?
 No. We watched the Packers game and then we read for a while, then watched an old episode of 'Treme'.

What’s your quickest/fastest/ knit Stitch type?

I'm with Kathy--stockinette.
Have you had a recipe fail lately?

I made a Christmas cookie recipe that someone on the Internet said was the best ever. Let's just say it wasn't.

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kathy b said...

LYle!!! Oh my gosh. Yes that counts!!! I had a Christmas cookie fail to this year...but we ate it anyhow!