Thursday, January 05, 2017

Fo #2

So I guess officially I'm numbering my FOs now. :-)

Blogger doesn't seem to be willing to upload the photo, so I'll try it later. They are the socks that are two identical socks from one ball--Regia Pairfect. There's a 'lead' yarn so you'll know when the patterned yarn is starting. I think this is genius. The socks are just plain socks.

The little dusting of snow turned into about four or five inches, and then it got cold so it is icy out there now. The sun is coming out and it should warm up to about freezing so that should take care of the snow on the street. It really is pretty.

I'm reading "Lab Girl" by Hope  Jahren and thinking about using it for my science literacy class in the spring. I hope to read for an hour a day for work so I can identify some good readings for that class.

Hopefully I'll have the photo for you soon!

I had to do some magic but here are the socks. Tim likes them!


kathy b said...

I've heard that Lab Girl is very good. AL read it. Happy your lead yarn is a good guide. Someone should have thought of that a long time ago right?

Rachel said...

I may be ready to poke my head back into the land of the internet... Since the election, I just haven't been able to face it in all honesty. So I think I've missed a ton here but I need to start somewhere and when I saw 'Labgirl' it seemed as good of place as any. I have that on my to read list so I'd be really curious what your take of it is... I hope you are handling this epic winter! Capture season was quite challenging but now I'm home and don't have to drive anywhere (or trudge through 2-3 feet of snow every day!) and can just enjoy the craziest winter since I've moved west!