Sunday, January 29, 2017

Planning, winding, photo-ing

So yesterday I wrote that I wasn't sure what would come in the knitting, so I did take a bit of time to think things through. And once I thought things through, I wound some things up:

Note: I think I need to change the settings on my camera--everything is so dark! Anyway, clockwise from the very top: some blue (not purple) Cascade (3 balls) for a cable sweater (yes I have more), some dark striped yarn for socks for Tim, the light blue yarn is for Folklore Socks, moving to the left hand side is yarn for One & Done and the brownish yarn is for the Sometimes Hat.

I did cast on yesterday, for both the Sometimes Hat:
And also for One & Done:
Yes, I really need to lighten these up.

In other news, I made Toll  House Cookies yesterday and did a lot of reading. It will be a very hectic week coming up so I'm gathering my resources.

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Rachel said...

so many knitting possibilities with that yarn. And Toll House cookies? That seems like the perfect resource to gather!