Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pretty much nothing

I have nothing, really, to show.

I started a new potholder and it all went to pot (there's a trick, I think--the loops have to get a bit stretched out or it is impossible to bind it off. It took two tries with the first one I did).

The sleeve is still getting its cap shaped.

Reyna is being bound off.

I do have this sock:

I'm working on the foot.

Where does the time go? I seem to spend a lot of time organizing things for various committees I"m on at school. That is a huge time suck, and for a variety of reasons extra organizing stuff got dumped on me. Luckily a lot of this will be over by early February.

And as I think I mentioned earlier, I got a writing project organized and am trying to get my head in that. This is an unusual project in two ways. First, I"m working with a non-academic co-author in the UK--a brilliant advertising person. So that's unusual in a good way, but scheduling/deadlines etc are different for a non-academic. SEcond, we're updating a book about account planning that was first published in 1998--pre-Internet, basically----and so there's a lot of stuff to keep an eye out for. We need to update the examples, of course, and then recognize that a lot has changed although the basic premise of the book is the same.

I read a novel called "Big Law" which you can read if you can get it at your library and you really care about how big law firms work/don't work. It wasn't that good.

We watched the new PBS show "Victoria" last night. Is it the next Downton Abbey? Not quite yet. Although I do love Rufus Sewel.


elns said...

You have been busy, whether you have something to show or not. I believe one should always have a sock on the needles for sanity's sake at the very least. Good luck on your writing project!

kathy b said...

I love the sock and agree with Ellen. Got to have a sock on the needles. Im contemplating a solid sock color next with a similar cool pattern that will POP Like yours .