Monday, January 30, 2017

Questions from Kathy

Kathy's blog has a wonderful photo with a line that says "The best way to predict the future is to create it." So join me in creating a good future. And with answering questions.
Kathy took a walk and found a bell that said ringing the bell would generate a miracle. She asks:
*Who would your ring the bell for? For all Americans.
*Do  you have a quote that soothes you? The thing that is important is the thing that is not seen.
  *I’ve been knitting Dee’s Take Five sock pattern all weekend.  I could not believe that Dee’s pattern has been chosen by THOUSANDS to knit per the Ravelry site counter. I’m so proud of her.  Who else among you has a Ravelry pattern?
I have three or four, none of which are popular. 
*  What is one of your all time favorite patterns!? Clapotis!
*Have you tweaked a recipe and had it turn out well? Hmm not sure. Probably but it scares me.
* Have you seen a drone yet in your area ? Yes. I was walking to a building on campus and there was a drone over me. That was kind of cool

*Have you entered a contest lately? I enter any contest that gives away yarn or a knitting book.
*Can you share a meatless dinner idea? Quiche. With spinach and bacon. Oops. Hod the bacon.
*What is the last movie you watched?  Do you watch more in summer or winter?
We watched Sully on Saturday. It was good (not great). I don't think the seasons effect our movie watching--we tend to watch on Saturdays.

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kathy b said...

Im going to look at your patterns!!!! I liked Sully.
oh quiche!!! yum . Its been ages