Monday, January 23, 2017


I'm CRUSHING my to-do list today so I thought I'd take a second and quora.

What fear have you conquered? Fear of being underwater and not being able to breathe. I'm even going to try a pool session for scuba this year.
*What’s your favorite spicy  food? Thai or Indian.
*What’s a color you never wear?  Yellow. And rarely green and orange--even though I'm a 'Spring'
*When sock knitters want a bigger needle project, what do you knit? Cowls! (edited--originally said cows)
*When did you last read Shakespeare?  Hmm not sure. I've watched it though (the Hollow Crown).
*Are you gregarious or solitary? Solitary and an introvert.
*What’s your favorite cookie recipe and why? I love chocolate crackle cookies.
*Do you dip your PB and J in milk? I don't eat PB and J!
*Do you feel you are becoming a better knitter or have your skills leveled off? Trying to be better, but failed with two-color brioche yesterday.
*When’s the last time you broke a needle? Probably a few days ago, I break small needles all the time.


kathy b said...

But you tried Brioche!!!!! I saw a you tube on somebody's post and watched it. Seemed do able. IF YOU had issues, I bet I certainly would. Crinkle cookies...yum!

kayT said...

Did you mean Cowl or do you knit cows?

Kim in Oregon said...

HA! I mean cowl!