Friday, January 20, 2017

Silk Reyna with Cat

Yes, that little black blob is our little Stella cat, who rarely is photographed.

I finished the Reyna (made it a bit smaller) with an icord bind off (you can see it at the bottom of the multi colored section) and that is the best bind off in the world. I need to block this and I think it will be gorgeous. I love knitting shawls but it is never cold enough to wear them, so this one will be just right. I have enough left over (plus a third skein) to make a pretty scarf too. Yay yarn!

I'm taking a social media hiatus for the next few days because Life.

I did get a bunch of stuff done though. I was invited to write a journal article about a methodology I use--they asked in September and it is due in March, and I just finished the final edits on the draft during office hours last week. So that's nice to get that done. I also have a few more chapters (these are reallyreally short chapters) done on the book (my goal is a chapter a week, and I got three done this week, so I'm ahead!) so that is good. My class seems to be going well and the extra busy-ness with searches and the like are also OK.

Plus, the snow is all gone!


kathy b said...

You know when you have to take a break from Social media. We painted all day today and listened to SPORTS radio. Thank God for sports.

KSD said...

I haven't had the TV on all day. I'm scared to turn it on.