Saturday, January 07, 2017

Snow day again!

We're having another storm---it started as ice this morning (chunky crunchy ice), then went over to snow (maybe 1 or 2 inches) and now it has turned to (I think) rain. We got the dogs out during the snowy part so that timing was good. I had done some stocking up at the grocery store so we have plenty of stuff, and the temps are supposed to warm up for the rest of the day so it should clear out. I'm a bit concerned with class on Monday as Portland (2 hours north) is going to get hit harder than us and many of our students will come back from there tomorrow, and it might be a bit rough. We'll see.

I started Reyna last night:

I think I made one before. This one is going to be in two colors of Darn Good Yarn beaded silk--the first skein I"m using is blues and greens and then the second skein adds in brighter pinks and reds and it will be lovely light scarf. Plus beads! Already on the yarn!

Stay warm, since apparently the WHOLE WORLD is getting snowed on today.

Oh and happy St. Distaff's day--the day after the 12th Day when people are supposed to go back to work (or more specifically, women are supposed to go back to making cloth). 


kathy b said...

I can't wait to see your shawl . The cast on is lovely. Im staying in and staying warm. Im under an electric throw blanket with little Miss Pie curled next to me. Im going to cast on a new sock in a few! Life's good albeit freezing cold! I even take a hot water bottle to bed with me at night lately.

KSD said...

We had some powdery snow so light you had to concentrate to see it. But it did cover the shrubs in the front, and in between the pines.