Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Snow Day!

We get so little snow here that everyone freaks out when we have what would be called a 'light dusting' in Chicago or Boston. K-12 schools are closed, community colleges are closed--UO is open but there are no classes til next week, so my guess is that it is business as usual today. I don't have any reason to go in so I'll hunker down here.

I can't remember any time that the UO closed because of snow when classes were in session--we've had bad snowstorms (like 6 inches, with ice) but the two I recall came during finals weeks. Snow days to most of my colleagues and I are like MLK day--a day where for whatever reason classes aren't held and you can get some good writing done. 

The top picture is our patio when we got up this morning (maybe around 6:45 am)--I love the snow in the bird bath.

This is looking across the street at our neighbor's house, once the 'sun' had 'come up'. Anything that looks like sun is the reflection of the lights in our office.

I'm getting back in the work swing of things. Instead of trying to tackle a major hunk of something (which has me screaming no on the inside) I'm doing little chunks of things that need to get done--instead of sitting down and going through 44 PhD applications, I'm doing five a day until the meeting to discuss them. Instead of revising an entire article, I'm doing a section at a time. So that is helping. I also want to set aside an hour or so a day on non teaching days for reading for my spring term class.

A little knitting has gone on:

This is the front of the sweater---I'm up to the raglan decreases so it will go quickly from here on in.

I've started exercising again, after taking some time off when the cable was out and then with the holidays--wow, I will use any excuse not to exercise, won't I? I've been doing a mix of some cardio and some core, and for two days in a row I've ended with ten minutes of the most elementary yoga that one can do. I really need to stretch out, and this little practice On Demand has Rodney Yee (yoga genius) doing some very basic poses (triangle pose, tree pose, mountain pose, downward facing dog and sun salute, among others) that really do help to stretch me out. So good for me.


kathy b said...

Snow day. Hahaha. WEll at least you all know when not to over do it and slide all over the place and into one another. GOod for you and your working out. I love your sweater front. This Shawl is so big I can't see the whole thing at once and I wish I could see it the way I see your sweater front! Im afraid.....somethings lurking in a dropped stitch I cannot see.......

KSD said...

Freak out here, too --- as in meat counters cleaned out. I guess people finally realized they needed something to go with the bread and milk.