Saturday, January 28, 2017

Verified Knitting Content

Doesn't this always happen: when you have multiple projects in the works, they all seem to end at the same time? I find myself in that place I get to REGULARLY where the projects I am working on are finished up and I really am not sure what comes next.

I think I don't know what comes next mostly because I need to wind a bunch of hanks for projects and yeah. Winding hanks.

So here is that sweater, that has almost all the seams done except sleeve seams:
Yeah sideways. Sorry. But it looks good!

And I"m making these mittens that need to be seamed but look cool. I think I found these via Rachel?
Sorry for the  horrible photo:

Both of these are done, excpt I need the cuff for the other one. They look better in real life, I promise.

As I look at these, I realize that I have scoffed in the past at people who take classes on 'how to photograph your knitting' but I'm not scoffing now.

Life is busy--I'm chairing two committees that are very active now (one search, one personnel) and serving on a third search committee, and trying to keep on top of my writing since this is my 'writing term'. That is going better than anticipated. My friend Charlie Robertson and I are updating a classic book in the advertising literature that hasn't been updated since 1998. I'm just about finished with the 'easy' updates (basically adding examples of recent ad campaigns that illustrate the concepts in the book) and now we're moving on to talking about some of the bigger issues that affect campaign planning. So basically, I'm about halfway done with the updates, so I'm happy about that!

Hope all is well with you.


Rachel said...

Apparently you found the pattern name before I got around to telling you! Those mittens look pretty cool -- and bright and happy in otherwise dark days. I hope you had as much fun knitting them as I did! Hey -- did you like LabGirl?

Kim in Oregon said...

ABout halfway through Lab Girl--going to assign it for my 'communicating science' class next term!