Sunday, February 12, 2017

Casapinka Rocks!

I've made a few designs by Casapinka but I must say that One & Done is my favorite, and could be  my favorite pattern ever. If you liked or loved Clapotis, you will love this one.

You can see Pilot's snout and his shadow!

I used one skein of Socks that Rock--probably mediumweight---I forget how wonderful that yarn is but I was reminded when I did this scarf!

Here is the close up of the border:

It ends with a basic lace pattern.

It is now getting its bath.

I will definitely make another one (probably starting today or tomorrow).  It did indeed take the entire bit of sock yarn but I probably have a few extra rows in there.

Last night we watched "Snowden" which was good (Oliver Stone directed). I've sort of forgotten the whole Snowden thing and this movie helped to tell a (probably a bit biased) side of the story.

I finished reading "The Marriage Lie" which is kind of an interesting story of a woman whose husband dies in an air crash --- but he wasn't supposed to be on the flight. Or was he? Or did he? It was good in that 'spunky woman gets to the bottom of things' type of way. I'm now reading a good book called "Class" which is about two well-off, liberal white parents who are determined that their daughter will go to a public school where their daughter is the minority. Things go wrong, and it is an interesting story of when our ethical values clash and how we handle that--and ourselves.

Enjoy Sunday!

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kathy b said...

Favorite pattern ever! WOW. That's a compliment of the highest order! I love your choice of SOcks that ROck as the colorway. and a lovely photo bomb by Pilot!