Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I don't know why--

--but I kind of love this Pairfect yarn and the socks that it makes.

This is just the most simple and boring sock pattern ever (top down, do a cuff, stockinette blah blah) but for whatever reason I adore these socks. I think it might be because the ball is a center pull ball, and you don't know what color the next stripe will be until it comes out of the center. It's kind of magical.

Tim is off to a conference in Cali for a few days. It comes at a time when I don't have a lot of commitments at work so I can work at home a lot--curled up with the dogs. I finally have time to do some of the reading I need to do for a few research projects and for next term, and I need to knock out my part of a conference paper, finish up one more conference presentation, and write two small grant proposals. All these are manageable (plus grading, but that is manageable too).

I'll update you with more knitting since there will be a bit of extra knitting time this week.


elns said...

The socks are beautiful, I totally understand why you love them. Also, don't throw shade at the stockinette sock. They may not be exciting in terms of pattern, but the beauty is in the simplicity and how they let the colorway/yarn do their work. Dream city, just like yours! Have a good conference!

kathy b said...

The socks are magical! when you retire you can volunteer with your grant writing skills ! WE need someone at the animal shelter who can apply for grants and has that unique skill set! Looking forward to all your postsKIm