Monday, February 20, 2017

If it is Monday, it must be Quora!

*How lost would you feel without your phone for a day?
I'd feel fine! I can go for days without looking at my phone. I am not of the phone generation! 
*Have you ever had Pavlova?
It is the national dessert of New Zealand (I might have made that up) and when we were there in 2015 we had a 'pav' almost every day. I love it. I love the pav. The best ones are the ones with custard inside.
*Have you ever seen a feral cat colony?
No I haven't. We do have some feral cats in my neighborhood but I would not call them a colony.
*Are you a loose knitter or a tight knitter?
I am a very very loose knitter. I could use a 5 needle for every project if I wanted.
*Do you play the lottery?
Occasionally. We had a bad week last week and so we did. We did nto win.
*If someone gave you the yarn, the pattern and a guarantee you’d knit it to perfection, what would you want to knit ?
Maybe something like Fox Paws or some other really involved colorwork thing.
*What’s your limit for a day of driving on a trip?  (hours? Miles?)
12 hours maybe?

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kathy b said...

I have just discovered Pavlova and I will be making it !!! YUM. And it is very few weight watcher points.
Wow you are a loose knitter!!!