Sunday, February 19, 2017

In retrospect..

..the yarn selection (Panda Silk) for these socks was sub-optimal.

But that's ok---I figured out how to do the tilted block pattern for socks and I'll probably make another pair at some point.

We watched the movie "Denial" last night and it was really good--based on the true story of a Holocaust Denier who sued a Holocaust historian for slander because she (historian) called him (denier) a liar. Good acting and lots of familiar faces (Moriarty from Sherlock places a good guy, and Mycroft Holmes is in there too).

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Rachel said...

I definitely want to see that movie. The fact that there are still Holocaust Deniers out there just blows my mind. Of course it is one thing of many that blows my mind lately. Thanks for letting us now it is a good movie! We watched Arrival last night and I was a bit blown away by it...but think I need to watch it again in order to really know what the heck happened!