Monday, February 13, 2017

Kathy's Quora

For the week of 2/13, from Kathy!
*What is your favorite fiber or blend to knit or crochet with?
 I think a nice  merino wool. Or a merino cashmere blend.
*What is your favorite fiber to wear? (cotton hands down)
 I think a nice  merino wool. Or a merino cashmere blend.
* Have you seen someone you know personally on television?  
Yes. I was a theatre  major in college for a year and many people from my school who were there around when I was there are on television (Kathy knows--I went to Northwestern, a well known theatre school). Probably the most recent sighting was my former roommate on the Fox show "Empire." But I also went to school with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Megan Mullaly and I see them all the time.
*Do you have a locket?  Who is in it? (I do.  I have a lock of hair in my locket.  A lock of my mom’s hair….Is that odd? )
I did get one for the my 16th birthday but a. I don't know where it is and b. I don't think there was anything in it.
*What is your favorite pizza topping?  (sausage…c’mon I’m Hungarian)
Spinach and artichoke hearts.
*The box of Valentine chocolates is in front of you.  What’s your pick of chocolates? 
Dark truffle or dark chocolate with nuts or coconut.
*Is there a state you haven’t visited that you’d like to visit? (Oklahoma…to see Al)
The only states I haven't visited are the Dakotas and West Virginia (I think)--and two good friends live in ND so a trip there may be in the works. 
*What’s the oldest thing in your wardrobe?  
I have a pair of courdoroy pants from a Benneton store on Michigan Ave in Chicago that I bought in 1987. They still kind of fit.
*When are you most likely to give up on a knit project?
a)when you decide the pattern was too hard
b) when you decide the pattern was too easy
c) when you make too many mistakes
d) when you realize you cannot knit another stitch with THAT yarn, whatever it is
I don't know--I think it is just too not interesting. 
*Name one thing you love about your husband/friend/or a family member:
Tim:he pushes me out of my comfort zone, he puts up with my craziness, he tolerates the yarn room, and he loves me. So that's four things out of a hundred reasons why I love him.

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