Saturday, February 04, 2017

More One & Done

Wow, I made it through a very tough week, so yay me! I'm eager to treat myself with curling up with a good book and knitting and the Super Bowl this weekend.  More and more, I find it isn't about things but about the gift of time for myself that I really treasure and value. And of course, balancing that with time with my loved ones. 

One & Done is a terrific project:
It has a great rhythm (three kits, three purls) and then at the end I get to drop stitches which I love.

The yarn is Socks that Rock, probably medium weight, in  mix of grey, black, white and teal. Kind of hard to see in the photo, but a lovely mix. Socks that Rock (Blue Moon Fiber Arts) is really a terrific terrific yarn, and I forget how great it is. So this project takes me to my happy place.

Woah, this was a busy week. On my teaching days (Monday and Wednesday) I got in the office by about 7:15 and didn't leave until after 4: non stop teaching and meetings that whole time. On Tuesday and Thursday I met our candidates for breakfast at 8 and then hosted them for the whole morning, then spent the afternoon catching up. We admitted new doctoral students on Wednesday, I had a meeting about a proposed science communication project, and then I had a PhD defense on Friday. Friday afternoon I had to arrange things for a big meeting next Friday (personnel issues). So even though it was busy I accomplished a huge amount of things, so that's better than those weeks when I'm running around not getting anything done.

I also made a huge decision about my future path, and that put a lot of things into perspective.

Tim has been working on his comprehensive exams, and he will finish those this weekend (they were take home exams) so needless to say the level of tension is high at our house--but the end is in sight.

I have been (slowly) reading two books--Robbie Robertson's memoir (Testimony) and also the new book by Chris Bohjalian (Sleepwalkers (???)). But very slowly.


kathy b said...

I like oNe and done. !!! I will go look at the pattern. I love the gift of time and I'm retired and really appreciate it after years of odd schedules, intensely stressful responsibility at work, and being torn in a million directions. Im glad you found some time to plan for your future!!!

KSD said...

I hope your future path allows even more time for yourself. It's a remarkable thing, solitude.