Monday, February 27, 2017

Noro makes roving

--and other insights from Kathy's Quora. Go see the roving at her site!

And now the questions:
*Ever had a fruit bearing bush or tree?
We have a cherry tree in our small back yard. We often forget to harvest the tree, so it becomes snacks for the dogs and the birds.
 *Would you rather do the HARD part of your knitting early in the project phase or late?
 Huh, probably doesn't matter--I always have a mix of hard and mindless knitting happening.
*Is there something your parents let you “quit” as a child?  How did that work out for you?
Probably tennis? Don't really remember.
*Have you ever square danced?
This was part of 'gym' class in grade school. Ew, you had to touch boys. Sweaty boys.
 *Do you have something that only needs buttons to call it finished?
 Yes. I put some buttons on that sweater I finished and I don't like them, so I got new ones. They need to go on.
*Woody Allen.  yes or no?
 No really? REALLY? Yes, you must see Hannah and her Sisters and Husbands and Wives and Crimes and Misdemeanors and Annie Hall.
*Adorable Beret in OK yarn shop.  I think I’ll try to find the pattern.  Do you prefer a beret, a slouch hat, a stocking cap or a roll brim?   You can only pick one. :)
Slouch hat please.
*Do you follow the stars in the sky seasonally?
Not really. Like Kathy, I do like to see Orion.
*Breakfast wouldn’t be breakfast without:
*It’s Al’s 29th Birthday.  What wisdom do you have for a woman in her final year of her 20s?
 Al, even though you seem to be a very together person, the thirties are better than the twenties.  Keep being wonderful!

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kathy b said...

Great advice to my AL!!! And Yes, Honore and you have convinced me two try WOody ALlen movies!