Thursday, February 23, 2017


So I got up very early this morning and have been cranking on stuff. I glanced at the clock a while ago and it was 10:30am. I did a bit more stuff and noted that I was getting hungry. It was still 10:30. Argh! The grandfather clock stopped! So now it is much closer to lunchtime and that's good.

I think getting up earlier kind of messed me up. But I got my annual review done (yes, the assessment of what I've been up to for this entire academic year, which is due halfway through the academic year.  Because this is how messed up the academy is). I also wrote a quick grant proposal for my colleague Mike and I to submit.

And there's this sock.

The pattern:  Zigzagular socks
The yarn: String Theory Colorworks in the Aquarius colorway.
This isn't the perfect yarn for this pattern, but I kind of don't care. I'll take a picture in better light because you can see the zigzags in bright  light.

I have so much variegated hand dyed sock yarn I'm going to focus on those patterns that use that type of sock yarn so I can stat to work through it. I turned the heel on the first sock yay!

Tim comes home tonight so I'm looking forward to that. 

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kathy b said...

zig zag is awesome no matter the yarn! Im happy your TIm comes home today! When time have to wonder why!!! :)