Sunday, February 05, 2017

Our holiday

As an advertising professor (and former practitioner), today is Our Holiday--Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July and all the good stuff all rolled into one single day (or four hour period) when people don't hate advertising: SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! I have to admit that the new tactic of releasing ads online early kind of ruins some of the fun for me, but whatever. SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! We're making egg rolls. :-)

And I'm going to finish this:

Pretty much, this just needs the collar knit on. And ends woven in. The seams are done. I'm looking forward to a finish.

Last night we watched the movie "Hell or High Water".  I just realized it is up for an Oscar. It was good--morally ambiguous, not really violent, Jeff Bridges is great---basically, what happens when you run out of options? We also started watching "Mozart in the Jungle" on Amazon--that's good too. We watched a few episodes of the Zelda Fitzgerald mini-series on Amazon and it was OK.

Go--whichever team you want to win!

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