Thursday, February 09, 2017


Doesn't this look like a drunk ghost is wearing the sweater?

I have spent the morning begging people to review articles for the journal for which I serve as a Deputy Editor. This is not the most rewarding of academic endeavors.


kathy b said...

I think the sweater holds promise of a perfect fit! I love the way the pattern pops out of the ordinary quiet white color. I hope a few good souls come to your rescue for reviewing.

Rachel said...

the sweater looks great!

Man -- I got offered an associate editor position and I couldn't take it (with my field work and begin offline for weeks at a time, it won't work), but that aspect -- finding reviewers -- has to be the most thankless job. I never have time to review but I always accept anyway because I know how hard it is getting to find folks who will do a good job... I hope it gets better for you...