Monday, February 06, 2017


This is a photo from the US Snowsculpting Championships that Kathy posted on her blog
#1 Can you identify the pattern? 
(Nope, sorry. It looks pretty simple though! )
I loved the owl and hawk on this sculpture.  #2 Have you ever held an owl or hawk?
(I can't recall but I think I might have held a hawk at some point.) 
I have to include Zach here.  He loves tortoises and sea turtles.  #3 Have you ever seen a sea turtle in the ocean?  
(Yes. This was a highlight of our last trip to Hawaii where we could snorkle with turtles. We had to hike to the cove but incredibly worth it!) 

 #4 Name a favorite Childrens’ Book. 
(IThe Betsy-Tcy series, and from the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil T. Frankweiler or something like that)) 
.  #5 What is your favorite blend of yarn? 
#6 When does Spring start for you? 
(We had a hint of Spring yesterday with the temps almost at 60 degrees. Today it is cold and rainy.) 
#7 Name something you wear that someone else knitted or crocheted for you:
(My colleague knit me some fingerless gloves that I love) 
#8 Do you prefer to drive at night or in the day? 
(I like driving during the day. I like when someone else drives at night) 
#9 Do you prefer curtains or blinds?
(Definitely blinds. We buy the ones that block out the light and love them) 
#10 Name a favorite salad dressing please!
(Cardinis Caesar Salad Dressing. And any honey mustard).

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kathy b said...

60 degrees. AHHHHH that sound heavenly! I will find that Cardinis Dressing. it is new to me!