Friday, February 24, 2017

Slow knitting

I'm working on Kidalton and it is going very very slowly.

This is just a small small part of it because to knit this sweater, you knit the entire body all at once. And there is just nonstop cabling going on. So it is going very slowly. I can knit one row on the RS in about 20 minutes, and one row on the wrong side in about 15.

Tim got home safely at about 12:30 last night-I was in a deep deep sleep and barely remember but it is nice to have him home.


kayT said...

Gorgeous yarn; what is it? Looks like a fun challenge.

Kim in Oregon said...

It's a rare and precious yarn that you probably haven't heard of--Cascade 220! THe colorway is sapphire. It is really pretty.

kayT said...

Thanks! I believe I have heard of that yarn. :)
Anyhow it's going to be a beautiful sweater, and sometimes slow knitting is a good thing. (It's also good to have some mindless sock or something to do when you want to zone out.)

kathy b said...

Gorgeous Blue and gorgeous pattern. while it may take a while to go round, no finishing for that part!
glad you tim is home safely. If you can't get Doreen marquarts book I'd be happy to send you one from the shop

Kim in Oregon said...

Got the book for the Kindle, thanks Kathy!