Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dragon Scales

I've seen lots of patterns for Dragon Scale socks and such--the cool ones are crochet which are 3D. Of course, I cannot crochet for the life of me, so I'll do some flat ones.

So these are socks done in the pattern. In retrospect, the scales aren't 'popping' as much as I'd like, so I think next time I'll try these with a YO instead of a M1R and a M1L.

This is a good pattern for variegated yarn, although it is kind of hard to see in this picture.
That's a little better.

I'm not sure what the yarn is but it is kind of nice and summery so I like it.

This is week 10 of our term--the last week of classes before finals week and then spring break. I am ready for the final presentations tomorrow--grading tools ready to go! The grant proposal is submitted. I also submitted a book chapter proposal and that got accepted (yay)--we are double dipping on that with the paper that is due for a conference in a few weeks. I have my presentations for the Boston conference all done and will rehearse those on the plane. So I feel a bit---dare I say---caught up?


elns said...

Looks good! i love finding patterns for variegated yarn! Summer sock yarn is inspiring. I love it!

kathy b said...

Oh good for you . YOU ARE READY! Plane knitting and all