Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day of Spring Q&A

Kathy has a bit of spring fever.  And questions.

*Sure sign of spring: Bugs.  Has anything bitten you yet?
I don't think so (that is kind of my standard answer to Kathy's quora). I did wake up a sleeping baby garter snake in the garden yesterday while I was weeding. It wanted to bite me but its mouth, stretched all the way open, was the size of a pistachio. I don't really like snakes (understatement) but this was truly a little baby one and pretty cute, for a snake.

*Do you knit for practice?  I don’t mean for gauge.  I mean a stitch pattern?
 No. I just jump in and if it has to be frogged, it has to be frogged.
*Have you tried the ONE TOUCH Latte for your coffee?
I have never heard of it.

*Persill laundry detergent seems to be the new laundry fad.  Have you seen it, tried it, Liked it?
 We're pretty laundry detergent brand loyal. It has to work in the HE machine and it has to have no smell. We used Tide til our store stopped carrying it, now we use Planet.

*When’s the last time you wore a handknit you created?
 Socks, on Saturday. Between socks, mitts and scarves, I generally wear a hand knit every day.

*Does having more sunlight in your day make you more active?
 We tend to get out more, and do an evening walk once it warms up.
*I love to laugh. Who is the last person who made you laugh?
Tim and I laughed about something yesterday, he tends to make me laugh on a fairly regular basis.

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kathy b said...

You made me laugh with your I DONT Think So:)

Your little snake baby made me smile!!!!