Friday, March 03, 2017

Friday friday friday friday friday

Yay for Friday! This week went by fast. I have a few deadlines coming up: a grant proposal on the 15th, four presentations for a conference the following week, and then a deadline for another conference the following week. Plus grading for the end of the term coming up and two thesis defenses--I have both syllabi done for next term so that's a good thing.  The presentations are 85% done, the grant proposal is probalby 75% done, and the conference submission is maybe half done--I'm hoping my co-authors pick up the slack.

Good things this week: one current PhD advisee and one former one got great new jobs, and a third former advisee is also in line for a great new job. I'm so happy for them!!  I picked up another PhD student that I think I will enjoy. I got some reading for my class done. I feel almost on top of things. We had good news about our lot on the coast (in that we can build pretty much what we want to build). So yay!

And the sweater is starting to look like, well, a sweater:

I brightened it up a bit so you could see the cables.

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kathy b said...

It is an intricate and lovely cable sweater! Im so glad you feel on top of the grants and all! You are busy in academia!!!