Sunday, March 26, 2017

Home from the Hub

I got home last night from the Hub of the Universe where I attended an academic conference and had a lot of fun. I left on Wednesday--it is a long flight from  Eugene to Boston, I arrived around dinnertime and it was cold and windy. The hotel was a few blocks from my first apartment in Boston (off of St. Botolph, for those who know the Prudential area) and so I bundled up and walked around there. Then dinner and off to bed.

This is the view from my hotel window. Top floor. Not shabby.

Yes, those are sailboats out on the Charles.

Thursday I got up and walked down to Boston U to hang out with my former colleague Chris in the morning. Then I came back to the hotel, changed, gave a presentation, worked with a co-author for a few hours, went to the opening reception, then went to dinner with my publisher (la ti da) and then back to the hotel. Friday I had a panel at 8:30, presented a paper at 10, had lunch with my former colleagues from UT, met with a Very Famous Marketing Professor from Harvard (la ti da again) who I have known for a few years (he has some connections to UO) and we had a lovely catch up. He is old as the hills and I worry he won't be around, so that time with him was precious. THEN--changed my clothes, took the T to Harvard Square, met my best friend from Boston Elizabeth (I was her Maid of Honor), we walked around Harvard Square and then back to her house, I met her kids (I was staying at her house when her oldest was born--her oldest is now graduating from Brown) and then we (Elizabeth, her husband John, her two kids) drove up to Tyngsboro for dinner with her Mom and Stepdad. We laughed all night. Saturday I had one last panel at 8:30, met with my proteges Joonghwa and Soojung, then took the T to the airport for the long flight home.

It was busy. Busy and fun. Fun and busy.

I didn't knit.

Next week is spring break so I will knit and catch up and get the final stuff done for spring term. Luckily the long plane ride got me caught up on a ton of stuff.

More knitting next time, I promise.

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kathy b said...

It was so fun to hear about this trip. No need to apologize for a yarnless post. HAPPY SPRING BREAK