Friday, March 17, 2017

In Honor of St. P!

Happy St. Patrick's day! It is not a huge day here in the PacNW--nothing like when I lived in Chicago (green river) or Boston (lots and lots of Irish people). I remember that when I was an undergrad, I was often at O'Hare on St. Patty's day traveling somewhere and that was my first introduction to green beer.

So in honor--here is the first dragon scale sock which has an awful lot of green in it!
And so you can see the scales up close and personal:

These are fun to knit but I'm not sure if the effort is worth the result, as the scales are very hard to see. Maybe it is the yarn I chose?

Got a bunch of grading wrapped up so I'm feeling pretty on top of things (for once). This kind of nice thing happened--I got an email asking me to speak at a conference in June about Mechanical Turk (one of my research areas). And, for the first time EVER, the organizers offered to pay my expenses and give me an honorarium. I know that happens to other people quite a bit, but never to me, so this makes me feel like I'm kind of an expert in something (even if it is something kind of dull like methodology). It is in Nashville at Vandy (ANCHOR DOWN!) which is the alma mater of my twinnie.

We had the symphony last night and it was very good. Bartok in the first half and Mozart and Strauss in the second half. This was not a 'challenging' symphony by any stretch of the imagination but we were both so tired it was perfect for us.

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kathy b said...

Thrilled for your invite. Love the sock but agree, it is hard to see your hard work. Maybe once ON they will show off