Monday, March 27, 2017

Last March Quora

Don't you love Kathy's Quora?  Such a nice way to start the week.

*Do you have any teams left in the Final Four?
YES! I DO! Can you tell I'm excited? I moved up from 24/24 to 19/24 and I still have the Duck and UNC, so I will have someone in the finals!
*How do you lose 8 pounds in a day?
One would have to cut off a body part, I imagine.
*In a word describe the weekend’s weather in your neck of the woods-
*Would you rather knit a shawl in a gradient yarn or change colors yourself and deal with the weaving in of ends?
Do I even have to answer? Of course a gradient.
*Would you rather have a creme egg, a marshmallow egg, a peanut butter egg or a malted milk ball egg?
I'd rather have a nest made out of chocolate and coconut with jelly beans for eggs.
*Would you rather knit a crescent, rectangle or triangular shawl?
Definitely rectangular.
*Are Knitting /Crocheting Magazines interesting to you anymore?
Not printed ones, no.
*Do you own a cowboy hat?
Um, no.
*Have you ever worn bib overalls?
Maybe once? Definitely not a regular part of my wardrobe.
*Whats the largest size circular needles you own?

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